July 15, 2020 1 min read

As expected, we at Miss Valkyrie are huge fans of the series Vikings,and  keep re watching the episodes while waiting for the new ones to arrive (and we can't wait!!)

As I was once again watching an episode from season 3, I noticed an amazing scene during which Lagertha was receiving a beautiful present from King Ecbert : A Necklace made of precious stones. (season 3, episode 2).


As I was looking at the rest of her jewellery (couldn't help it!), I noticed she was wearing light pink earrings. So I paused the episode.

I then took a screenshot to have an even closer look :

..And I almost screamed! Her earrings were round shaped Rose Quartz earrings...ALMOST like ours!!! :

They're obviously not exactly the same ones...Hers are circled with gold, when ours have double beads.....But still,  they look very similar.....
And I can perfectly picture Lagertha wearing them! 😊



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