Fenrir Wolf Head Torque Necklace

Fenrir Wolf Head Torque Necklace

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Fenrir was the mightiest of all wolves. Son to Loki & the giantess Angrboda, brother to the Serpent Jormungand & the Death Goddess Hel. Bound by the rope Gleipnir, he waited until Ragnarok where he defeated & devoured the great God Odin.

The Fenrir Wolf Head is used nowadays as a symbol of patience, determination & might.

This original silver plated torque necklace features two Wolf Fenrir’s heads facing each other


  • Silver plated Iron Alloy
  • Torque diameter : 15 cm
  • Necklace not found in shops
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Makes a perfect gift for any modern-day shieldmaiden!