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Black Eye Fenrir Wolf Head Hair Band (Gold)

Black Eye Fenrir Wolf Head Hair Band (Gold)

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Before BLACK FRIDAY ends...
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Fenrir was the mightiest of all wolves. Son to Loki & the giantess Angrboda, brother to the Serpent Jormungand & the Death Goddess Hel. Bound by the rope Gleipnir, he waited until Ragnarok where he defeated & devoured the great God Odin.

Wolves symbolize cunning, and intelligence, capable of out-thinking hunters.  They can teach you  how to avoid invisible danger, how to outwit those who want to harm you, and how to fight when needed. They also symbolise clans and close family ties.

Get this one of a kind elastic Fenrir Wolf Head Hair Band!


  • Zinc Alloy
  • Gold colour
  • Comes with a pouch
  • Not found in shops
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Makes a perfect gift for any modern-day shieldmaiden!
  • Gift box available here
  • Also available in silver