Antique Triqueta Necklace (Sterling silver)

Trinity Knots Designs have been around since ancient times and their distinctive patterns have long been applied to create beautiful pieces of jewellery.

This beautifully crafted Sterling silver necklace, of a minimalistic and modern design, is a triple Knot (Triqueta) that symbolises the three elements : Earth, Air, and Water.

This Triqueta is made of oxydised Sterling silver to give it an antique look.

Please note that all pieces are made to order, so can take up to 10 days to be crafted.

Each piece will be sent in a gift box, with a silver polishing cloth.

  • 100% High Quality Sterling silver 
  • Pendant size : 22 mm x 20.4 mm (0.86 in x 0.80 in)
  • Sent in a gift box
  • Matching Earrings available
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 
  • Shipped from the United Kingdom