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Are you looking for Viking jewellery specifically made for ladies? Then you've come to the right place!

The majority of the Norse mythology jewellery stores are targeted at men, with heavy and bulky pieces.

Miss Valkyrie is the only Viking jewellery store specialised in items for women.

Perfect for the modern-day Lagertha!


"Very happy with bracelet. Good Quality. Very pretty, not something you'd find anywhere else."

- Victoria H

"Just love my ring.... Excellent service and will be ordering again."

- Jennie B

(Translated from French) "Very cute ring".

- Marie A

Miss Valkyrie's Blog

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    Who is Fenrir? Fenrir, also called Fenrisúlfr (pronounced “FEN-rir;” Old Norse Fenrir, “He Who Dwells in the Marshes”) is known as a monstrous wolf...
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    Nordic Runes also known as Futhark are interlaced into Norse religion and are closely associated with Norse magic (seiðr) and skaldic poetry. Accor...
  • Women from series "Vikings"

    More power was held by the Viking women compared to other women of that era. This is depicted very well in the series Vikings, where women characte...

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