Contemporary Norse jewellery crafted with love in the finest Sterling silver...


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    Hello and welcome, Silver maiden! I am Annissa, founder of Miss Valkyrie..

    Let me share with you the story of our store...

    It all started with a love for Jewellery inspired by the rich Norse and Celtic cultures and mythologies...

    When looking for such pieces, they were usually replicas of historical items, and so either heavy and bulky, or exact ancient replicas.

    And sometimes unfortunately not very well made with poor quality material.

    I was desperately looking for lightweight, more modern pieces that I could wear every day, so an unusual mix of ancient tradition and modern design...And this proved extremely difficult to find.

    This prompted me to create my own store where I would offer such pieces, as I was convinced that there were other ladies looking for quality contemporary Norse pieces, just like me...

    The obvious metal for the pieces to me was Sterling silver.
    It is a precious metal (used also by Vikings!), hypoallergenic, and also versatile enough to allow the creation of many different designs.

    I started working on some designs. and soon after started started offering a handful of pieces with various popular symbols.

    Since then, Me and my team expanded our designs and added mythological animals, more symbols and combinations of symbols...And we will continue adding more and more pieces!

    I hope you enjoy our work!

    Annissa (and the Miss Valkyrie team).