Our story

Hello and welcome, shieldmaiden! 

I am Annissa, founder of Miss Valkyrie.

Let me tell you what lead to the creation of Miss Valkyrie

It all started with a love for Jewellery inspired by Vikings and more broadly by Norse mythology. 

Those pieces of jewellery are beautiful, very often pieces of art and at the same time, meaningful to the bearer. The problem is, if you're a lady, you'll mostly find big, heavy massive items, that are more suitable for men than women. 

There are exceptions of course, with some unisex pieces available, but it's fair to say that the majority of the stores that sell Viking jewellery out there are more made for men than women

This was a frustrating situation, and I had to spend countless hours looking for suitable jewellery for me, and most of the time, the item received was still not what I was expecting : rings that are too big, amulets too heavy, bracelets not suitable for small wrists...(I have tiny wrists! 😊). 

Because it was an issue for me, I thought that it may also be an issue for other ladies, so, I decided to create my own store, where I would offer  Viking jewellery with a feminine touch for modern-day shieldmaidens

And this was the birth of Miss Valkyrie

I really hope that you will enjoy what we have for you here at Miss Valkyrie, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us  at shop@missvalkyrie.com 

Annissa (and the Miss Valkyrie team).